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Usually these winged creatures are calm and almost friendly inhabitants of the higher plains of Ancient Greece. But as most other harmless creatures in the extended radius of Hades cavern they got infected with those diabolic Hades curse, making them deadly opponents from above to your ground troops! Fortunately your Archers, Spearmen and the Magicians […]



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Since the humans rapidly chopped most of the Forest located near Boar Point, their natural inhabitants became more and more upset. It makes them even more upset, being under the Great Hades Curse, which invoked most ot the natural more friendly beings of the Woods. So most of the Boar Point inhabitants are no longer […]



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This strange looking creatures once lived in the hillside areas of Persia, but were accidentally imported to the Greek Empire during Alexanders Persian Campaigns, mostly hidden in amphoras carried both over Land and Sea. The Surviving creatures find a new living environment on the Greek high plains, but as they are seen as a threath […]



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Stones for temples are taken from the south coast of Greece. Cyclops are working as slaves in the local quarries there. Eventhough they’re famous for being strong and simple minded, some of the one-eyes are clever enough to escape. Unfortunately this leads to a gigantic problem for them: How to quickly hide somewhere with that […]



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Gnomes are natural inhabitants of the forested areas of antic Greece. Unfortunately their environment is threatened, as the humans need more and more Trees for their shipbuilding. Some tribes still occupy papyrus-huts before the walls of Athens and others shall be housed over to spartan workshops as slaves. But none of them will share the […]

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